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A Publication for I Fly America Members
   Volume 161
 April  2015

Practice Makes Proficient

By Susan Parsons, Reprinted with permission from FAA Safety Briefing

In his 2008 book, Outliers: The Story of Success, author Malcolm Gladwell ponders the characteristics that put some people head and shoulders above the rest of the pack in their chosen field. Threaded throughout are references to what Gladwell calls the 10,000-Hour Rule. Based on a study by Florida State University professor Anders Ericsson, this “rule” holds that success in a given activity is based not so much on talent, but rather on practice…lots of practice. If you care to do the math, 10,000 hours of practice equates to something along the lines of 20 hours of practice per week for 10 years.

Learn how this applies to aviation.

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Get the Card Every Aviator Needs...the I Fly America® American Express® Card

IFA is always on the watch for programs and services that will benefit its members and we are excited to tell you about a partnership we have with First Bankcard and American Express to create the I Fly America Card, specifically with you in mind.

The I Fly America American Express Card provided by First Bankcard offers you truly valuable benefits such as:

~ Travel Maximum Rewards program, created specifically for you where you’ll earn 2 points for each $1 in Qualifying Travel Transactions posted to your account such as airfare, rental cars, hotels, cruise lines and more, plus earn 1 point for each $1 dollar spent on everything else

~ Redemptions that range from unforgettable travel experiences, designer merchandise, gift cards and even cash back in the form of a statement credit

~ Complimentary I Fly America membership for as long as the Card is open and in good standing – that’s a $15 value each and every year which opens the door for you to all of the other valuable IFA member benefits.

View all the valuable benefits and apply here.

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Save Money With the IFA Aviation Insurance Program

One of the huge advantages of your IFA membership is access to the IFA Aviation Insurance Program, an easy-to-use, reliable, affordable and competitive resource for your aviation insurance needs – whether for your own aircraft or one that you might rent.

IFA has partnered with a nationwide aviation insurance agency to offer insurance for all lines of aviation insurance risks—owners, renters, flight school operators, charter operators, airports (private and public), maintenance shops and hangar owners.

The IFA Non-Owner Aviation Insurance Program offers coverage for single-engine standard, experimental and LSA aircraft, all at very affordable premiums.

The program specializes in the new Light Sport Aircraft with competitive rates and coverage for owners, renters and flight school operators.

Learn more.

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Up in the Air Over Financing?

Looking for affordable and competitive financing for your aircraft? The IFA Aircraft Finance Program provides financing and refinancing for new and used aircraft from $50,000 to over $5 million in value and now offers a greater variety of terms across the broad scope of aviation to help members get into their aircraft of choice:

  • Rates among the most competitive in the country;
  • Terms up to 20 years available depending upon aircraft age and use;
  • Quick quote and loan turnaround – it’s fast and easy to finance your aircraft with IFA’s Aircraft Finance Program;
  • Pre-approval allows you to go ahead and actively shop for your aircraft;
  • Refinance your current rate at a low fixed rate; and
  • Finance upgrades, engine overhaul, aircraft improvements.

Learn more and check rates.

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Failure to Refuel the Airplane Results in Fuel Exhaustion - Cessna 150G

Aircraft: Cessna 150G
Where: Coleman, TX
Injuries: None
Phase of flight: Takeoff

The 2,800-hour private pilot of the single-engine airplane experienced a partial loss of engine power on takeoff. A witness, who is also an airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanic with inspection authorization (IA), stated that he heard the engine sputtering until the airplane was approximately 250 feet above the ground (AGL); then the engine stopped running. The A&P added that the pilot almost completed a 180-degree turn in an attempt to return to the airport; however, the airplane impacted the ground about 60 feet short of the airport.

Learn more.

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