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Pilot's Quiz - Miscellaneous Part 1

1. How many types of flight weather advisories are there?

a. Two - SIGMET and AIRMET
b. Three - SIGMET, Convective SIGMET, and AIRMET
c. One - AIRMET

2. When necessary to report an incident or accident, the report should be made as soon as possible to:

a. Nearest National Transportation Safety Board field office
b. Nearest Federal Aviation Administration field office
c. Nearest local law enforcement agency

3. U.S. aviation other than scheduled airlines has been called by various names. The most recent before "General Aviation" was:

a. Utility Aviation
b. Personal Aviation
c. Private Aviation

4. Why did Charles Lindbergh make a parachute jump in 1925?

a. For the excitement
b. Engine failure of the airplane he was flying
c. Mid-air collision

5. Chuck Yeager was the first person to travel faster than the speed of sound. He did it in:

a. 1947
b. 1963
c. 1965

6. When approaching to land, a pilot sees a light signal flashing red and green. It means:

a. Make approach from opposite direction
b. Exercise extreme caution
c. Airport is under IFR conditions

7. In 1926, the Travel Air Manufacturing company was formed by:

a. Wilbur Wright and Walter Boeing
b. Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna, and Lloyd Stearman
c. Howard Hughes

8. The Lockheed Advanced Development company that produced designs for aircraft such as the Electra, Constellation, and the U-2 spyplane, was commonly known as:

a. Dream Shop
b. Design Center
c. Skunk Works

9. The FAA retired its first aircraft registration number on February 8, 1988. It was the registration number for the airplane flown by:

a. Charles Lindbergh
b. Amelia Earhart
c. "Wrong Way" Corrigan

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