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Pilot Quiz - IFA FLY-Q Test

You probably have taken I-Q tests. Now, just for fun take this I Fly America FLY-Q test.

1. Eric Weiss was the first American to fly a plane in Australia. Weiss was better known as:

a. Elmer Gantry
b. Harry Houdini
c. Al Jolson

2. How many planes did women pilots in the Air Transport Auxiliary during WWII deliver from factories to line squadrons?

a. 2,486
b. 96,806
c. 308,567

3. The first mid-air collision occurred when?

a. France, 1922
b. Grand Canyon, 1956
c. Germany, 1931

4. In 1915, Alan Loughead began an air service across San Francisco Bay. His company became known as:

a. Air West
b. American Airlines
c. Lockheed

5. When did the first U.S. Navy flying school open?

a. 1910
b. 1915
c. 1922

6. One of the requirements to obtain a student pilot's license in the U.S. is that a person be able to read/speak/write/understand English.

a. Yes, all four.
b. No, only speak English.
c. No, speak and understand only.

7. Is there any special identification for aircraft carrying members of the President's family?

a. No
b. Yes'Air Force One-F
c. Only if pilot notifies ATC

8. Who was the first person in the U.S. to hold a pilot's license?

a. Orville Wright
b. Glenn Curtiss
c. Gen. Billy Mitchell

9. In what airplane did British pilot Sheila Scott fly solo around the world?

a. Piper Comanche
b. British Auster
c. Hawker-Siddeley HS-125

10. At 15,000 ft., how long before abilities are impaired?

a. 1 hour
b. 45 minutes
c. 15 minutes

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