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Pilot Quiz - People in Aviation

Let's talk about people in aviation. There have been many interesting persons who performed special activities in aviation history. See how many you can identify. Caution: it will not be easy.

1. What two men formed one company, then couldn't agree on design and split to form two companies?

a. W.T. Piper and G. Bellanca
b. Clyde Cessna and Walter Beech
c. Walter Beech and William Boeing

2. The first aircraft built in the United States was a glider. Who built it?

a. Samuel Langley in 1901
b. Wilbur Wright in 1899
c. Otto Lilienthal in 1894

3. A well-known inventor founded the Aerial Experiment Association to conduct experiments with gliders and airplanes. Who was he?

a. Alexander Graham Bell
b. Thomas Edison
c. Albert Einstein

4. What famous pilot often flew with a lion in his airplane?

a. Roscoe Turner
b. Charles Lindbergh
c. Howard Hughes

5. The first person to fly solo around the world died in a crash with his humorist friend passenger while flying to Russia. Who was he?

a. Igor Sikorsky
b. Nikolai Polikaspov
c. Wiley Post

6. The first person to exceed the speed of sound was:

a. General Charles Yeager
b. General Billy Mitchell
c. General Jimmy Doolittle

7. Who was the golfer who set a record flying his Learjet around the world in 57 hours, 26 minutes flying time?

a. Jack Nicholas
b. Arnold Palmer
c. Tiger Woods

8. In 1979, who broke five worlds records for business jets by flying to 50,000 feet in just over 12 minutes?

a. Neil Armstrong
b. Donald Trump
c. Bill Lear

9. Who made the first around the world flight in a helicopter?

a. Juan Tripp and Alex de Seversky
b. Charles Kingsford Smith and Frank Hawks
c. H. Ross Perot, Jr. and J.W. Coburn

10. In 1987, a 10-year-old boy piloted a Piper Warrior across the United States with an instructor aboard as the legal pilot in command. Who was he?

a. Christopher Marshall
b. Jack Daniels
c. Ken Osmond

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