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Pilot Quiz-Aircraft Names

Many pilots like to give their craft names. Here are ten names given to aircraft. Try your hand at identifying the aircraft to which these names were attached. Caution: many of the possible answers are fiction and the event or person associated with them never existed.

1. Lucky Lady II

a. Stinson bought by Lindbergh after Spirit of St. Louis was given to the Smithsonian

b. Lockheed Electra flown by Amelia Earhart on last flight

c. B-50 that flew around the world non stop

2. Sunkist Lady

a. Aeronca Chief flown by two pilots who stayed aloft for 1,008 hours and 1 minute

b. DC-2, first commercial airliner on flights Miami/Havana

c. Sikorsky Flying Boat, first plane of Pan American Airlines

3. Sacred Cow

a. DC, first aircraft for use of a U.S. President

b. De Havilland DH 60, flown England to Australia by Jean Batten

c. Piper Cub flown by General Eisenhower on reconnaissance missions

4. Independence

a. Vickers 271 transport for British Premier Winston Churchill

b. DC-6 used by President Truman

c. Beech 18 made non-stop coast-to-coast flight on July 4, 1929

5. Winnie Mae

a. Lockheed Vega flown by Wiley Post in first solo around the world

b. Lockheed 14-N flown by Howard Hughes around the world

c. Curtiss Robin flown across the Atlantic by “Wrong Way” Corrigan

6. Enola Gay

a. Boeing 307, first pressurized airliner to enter commercial service

b. Lockheed P-38 flown by Roscoe Turner to win Thompson Trophy

c. B-29 that dropped A-bomb on Hiroshima

7. Glamorous Glennis

a. Bell X1, flown by Chuck Yeager to break the sound barrier

b. P-38, first rocket-assisted takeoff

c. B-17, first U.S. Bomber to fly across the Pacific

8. Spirit of Columbus

a. Cessna 180 flown by Jerry Mock to become first woman to fly solo around the world

b. P-38 in which 2nd Lt. Richard Bong loops around central arch of Golden Gate bridge

c. F-4 Wildcat flown by Lt. Edward O’Hare shooting down five Japanese bombers in WWII

9. Myth Two

a. Cessna 195 flown by Clyde Cessna on first coast-to-coast flight strictly on instruments

b. Boeing E-3A fighter plane that never entered service

c. Piper Comanche in which Sheila Scott became first British pilot to fly solo around the world

10. Gossamer Albatross

a. Pedal-powered aircraft that crossed the English Channel

b. Learjet flown by golfer Arnold Palmer setting around the world record

c. Boeing 777, first aerial refueling tanker

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