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Pilot Quiz-Aviation Firsts Part 1

We always remember our first flight, our first solo, our first passenger.  What other firsts do you remember in aviation? Caution: this one is not easy.

1. The Wright Brothers made four flights that first day in 1903. How far did the longest flight travel in the air?

a. 70 feet
b. Just more than a half mile
c. Just less than a quarter mile

2. In what year did the first hydroplane take off from the water, fly, and successfully land on its pontoons?

a. 1910
b. 1912
c. 1914

3. Who conducted the first experiments using an airplane as a means of bombardment in war?

a. Glenn Curtiss
b. Charles Lindbergh
c. Eddie Rickenbacker

4. The world’s first commercial passenger service began in Germany in what year?

a. 1921
b. 1912
c. 1919

5. Before aircraft were used for passengers in the U.S. they were used to carry mail and cargo. When was the first airmail flight?

a. 1918
b. 1921
c. 1923

6. Louis Bleriot was the first person to fly across a large body of water—the English Channel. In what year did he do this?

a. 1911
b 1909
c. 1913

7. Who was first to fly non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean?

a. Charles Lindbergh
b. Alcott and Brown
c. Clarence Chamberlin

8. When did the first fight between two jet-powered aircraft occur?

a. 1944-British RAF/German Luftwaffe
b. 1945-U.S./Japan over Okinawa
c. 1950-U.S./Russia over Korea

9. When did the world’s first commercial passenger jet aircraft enter service?

a. British Comet in May1952
b. Boeing 707 in August 1953
c. MD-80 in September 1953

10. The world’s first supersonic passenger jet was the Russian TU-144, which flew in 1968 but never moved much beyond the experimental stage. When did the British/French Concord go into regular service?

a. 1969
b. 1972
c. 1976

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