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Pilot Quiz─Biggest, Best

Biggest, best, fastest, first—all adjectives that are used by pilots all the time. Test yourself to see how many of these you can answer correctly.

1. What was the most widely used twin-engine transport in the Pacific Theater during WWII?

a. Cessna Bamboo Bomber
b. Martin 404
c. C-46

2. What was the most produced U.S. light bomber during WWII?

a. Douglas A-20
b. Martin A-26
c. Boeing B-1

3. An aircraft, considered to be the quietest ever built, cannot be heard if it is flying above 1,000 feet. Only 11 were built for the Vietnam conflict and one is still used by NASA. Name it.

a. Lockheed YO-3A
b. Bell 212
c. Boeing CH-46

4. What was the first helicopter to fly around the world?

a. Boeing CH-46
b. Bell 206
c. Sikorsky CH-53

5. In November 1929, what was the first aircraft that flew over the South Pole?

a. Curtiss NC-4
b. Douglas World Cruiser
c. Ford TriMotor

6. What aircraft was the first to fly faster than the speed of sound in level flight?

a. Bell X-1
b. MIG 19
c. Concorde

7. In 1986, what aircraft became the first to fly around the world non-stop, without refueling?

a. Rutan Voyager
b. Boeing 777
c. Dassault Mystere

8. What aircraft is still in production after 50 years, and is the most widely used military transport in the world?

a. C-46
b. C-130
c. C-10

9. What is the most heavily-armed current aircraft?

a. F-22
b. B-17
c. AC-30

10. What was the largest vehicle ever to fly?

a. Spruce Goose
b. LZ-129 Hindenburg
c. Antonov An-124

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