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Pilot Quiz—Airport Call Letters

Airport call letters are often odd and have no relationship to the airport’s name. Let’s have some fun with them and see if the place can be identified by airport call letters alone. One answer to each question is a correct airport, while the others are phony. Some of these interesting names were gathered by Warning: these are difficult and if you get many correct you either fly to many places or spend a great deal of time studying your charts.

1. You are hungry. Where will you stop to EAT?

a. EAT Elmira, NY
b. EAT Wenatche, WA
c. EAT Erie, PA

2. You want a special dinner, so you land at what airport?

a. CKV Chicken, AK
b. DPC Deer Park, VT
c. LTK Turkey Run, TN

3. If you eat too much, you could wind up being like this airport.

a. FAT Fresno, CA
b. CRM Cramfork, CO
c. PIG Providence International, RI

4. If you land here, you don’t expect to move away very quickly.

a. SLO Savannah, GA
b. DFL Desert Flat, NV
c. SCC Dead Horse, AR

5. Your passenger is nervous as you make your approach to this airport. What is that scream we hear?

a. HLP Helpton, ID
b. EEK Eek, AK
c. ONO Okonola, MS

6. At which of these airports remind you of your military days?

a. BAM Battle Mountain, NY
b. FKS Fireking, AZ
c. GUN Gunnison, WY

7. Which of these airports would you go to for a fun hunting trip?

a. DER Dead Elk, MT
b. SQR Squirrel Mountain, WV
c. ELK Elk City, OK

8. You don’t like the hunting. What airport do you go to complain?

a. SFA Shotfree, AZ
b. BRK Broken Arrow, OK
c. BUM Butler, MO

9. Just earned your seaplane rating and you want to find a large body of water on which to try it.

a. HWI Hawk Inlet, AK
b. LAK Lake Perry, MN
c. BSD Bay Side, DE

10. You fly a well-preserved WWII fighter plane here to get in the combat mood.

a. RRK Warroad, MN
b. SPT Strafepoint, FL
c. CRT Rifle, TX


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