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Pilot Quiz – FAA Regulations

Federal Aviation Regulations fill volumes and pilots are expected to know the ones that apply to their flying. Test yourself and see which of these you answer correctly.

1. In FAA language, what does the acronym CAMP stand for?

a. Civilian Aviation Main Penalty
b. Continental Airport Mandatory Process
c. Continuous Airworthy Maintenance Program

2. What does MAA stand for?

a. Maximum Authorized Altitude
b. Minimum Approach Area
c. Marginal Avionics Adjustment

3. May an individual ask the FAA to adopt, amend, or repeal a regulation?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Only if petitioned by a manufacturing company or aviation organization

4. What are the maximum penalties for anyone violating a provision of FAA regulations?

a. $10,000
b. $25,000 fine, five years in jail
c. No limits

5. May a pilot without a commercial or air transport rating receive compensation or hire as pilot in command with any business or employment?

a. No
b. Only as a co-pilot
c. Yes, if flight is incidental to business or employment and carries no passengers for hire

6. Do flight instructors have limits on how long they may instruct in a day?

a. No limits
b. Depends on flight level being taught
c. 8 hours in any consecutive 24-hour period

7. If a pilot does not meet the medical requirements for a private, commercial or air transport rating, may a special medical certificate be issued?

a. No
b. Yes, if Federal Air Surgeon finds person is no danger to the public
c. Yes, but is limited in number of passengers

8. Before beginning a flight, which of the following are you required NOT to do?

a. Secure information about alternative airports
b. Determine fuel requirements
c. File flight plan or leave destination information at departing airport

9. Which of the following may a pilot do when flying formation with one or more other aircraft?

a. Have paying passengers aboard
b. Fly formation without agreement with other pilots
c. Carry non-paying passengers

10. On a public airport, where may FAA safety inspectors be denied access?

a. Any non-public location
b. Individually-owned aircraft
c. Nowhere

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