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Pilot Quiz - Women Pioneers in Aviation

Knowing the names of men like Charles Lindbergh, Wiley Post and others who pioneered in aviation is common among pilots and much of the public. But, how about the women? They, too, achieved much and contributed to advancement of flying by being first. More and more women are becoming pilots today and the ones who led the way for them deserve greater acknowledgment. Check your recognition of names of women who achieved fame by being first.

1. Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic?

a. Anne Lindbergh
b. Shannon Lucid
c. Amelia Earhart

2. First woman pilot to circle the globe and first to fly over both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?

a. Geraldine Mock
b. Beryl Markham
c. Jackie Cochran

3. First woman to enter a Bendix air race.

a. Mae Jamison
b. Harriet Quimby
c. Jackie Cochran

4. World’s first black female pilot.

a. Katherine Wright
b. Bessie Coleman
c. Hanna Reitch

5. First woman to become Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration.

a. Elinor Smith
b. Jane Garvey
c. Louise McPhetridge Thaden

6. The first woman in the United States to earn a glider pilot license.

a. Anne Lindbergh
b. Florence Lowe
c. Sally Ride

7. First woman stunt pilot in the motion picture industry.

a. Florence Lowe
b. Wally Funk
c. Evelyn “Bobbi” Trout

8. First woman in the United States and second female in the world to earn a pilot’s license.

a. Valentina Tereskova
b. Harriet Quimby
c. Sally Ride

9. First woman to win a national air race.

a. Amy Johnson
b. Louise Sacchi
c. Louise McPhetridge Thaden

10. First woman to be assigned as space shuttle commander.

a. Eileen Marie Coleman
b. Sally Ride
c. Libby Gardner

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