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Wings Over America® Article Index


Aviation Safety

  • How to Experience Hypoxia Without Leaving the Ground
  • Rare Air
  • Beware Of Birds And Wildlife During This Fall Migration
  • Flicker Vertigo
  • 10 Ways to Help Prevent Runway Incursion
  • Landing Tip for Pilots of All Experience Levels from Master CFI Nick Schillen
  • Official Guides for Pilots and Trainers Available
  • ADS-B—A New Technology For Traffic Identification
  • Remove the variables
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Safety Tips On Takeoffs and Landings from Jim Behrens
  • Pilots’ Responsibility to Fly Safe Flight Paths and Altitudes
  • Winter Cometh
  • Lights, Please!
  • Notam - a.k.a New Opportunities To Avoid Mistakes… on the Runway
  • Currency: How Much Is Yours Worth?
  • Safety First: Watch Out for Winter
  • Herbal Remedies: Solution or Problem?
  • Cobwebs & Flying Don't Mix
  • Single-Pilot IFR Made Easier
  • Tired Takeoffs: Drawing the Line on Fatigue

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Aviation Medical

  • A Heart to Heart Chat about Blood Pressure
  • Allergies'Nothing to Sneeze At
  • Hope for Flyers Battling Disease
  • Managing Illness Aloft
  • Fill Up on Fluids
  • The Road Back After Heart Problems
  • Truth or Dare: Telling the FAA About Your Health
  • Hope for Flyers Battling Disease
  • Lasik Eye Surgery For Pilots: Go or No Go?
  • Tired Takeoffs: Drawing the Line on Fatigue

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Aircraft Maintenance

  • Maintenance for Dummies

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Aviation Tips

  • Changing Your Pilot Certificate Number
  • The Dreaded Annual Inspection
  • Single-Pilot IFR Made Easier

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Current Events

  • Stimulus Package – What This Means for You as an Aircraft Buyer
  • Light Sport Aircraft Could Open Flight To Many
  • User Fees: The Problems, the Positions, the Players

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Flying Destinations

  • You Get Much When You Go Dutch—Lancaster County
  • Mason City, IA—The Music Man’s Home
  • Fayetteville, WV - A Big Leap Into Adventure
  • Coos Bay, Oregon - A Rugged Beauty
  • Lake of the Ozarks
  • Long Island—A Crown Jewel in the Empire State
  • Cincinnati—A Chili Dish, Warm Reception
  • Head for Hilton Head
  • Albuquerque - Spanish and Indian Touch on Modern Enjoyment
  • Nashville – A Vacation With Strings Attached
  • St. Augustine - A Fountain of Youth
  • Odds Are You’ll Enjoy Atlantic City
  • Michigan’s Western U.P - An Anytime Destination
  • Having Fun is In Indiana
  • Where to Fly Next?
  • San Antonio - More Than the Alamo
  • Things are Rockin’ in Little Rock
  • Tunica - A Delta Delight
  • San Diego - Great for Vacation, Mi Amigo
  • Branson—A Mountain of Entertainment
  • San Francisco—The Place to Lose Your Heart
  • Savannah—Where History Lives In A Modern City
  • Nevada Ghost Towns
  • The Maine Attraction
  • Wisconsin Dells-Nature’s Wonderland
  • Flying to Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Flying to Big Bend Country of Texas
  • Alabama Bound
  • Idaho-ho-ho
  • Kansas—Heir to History—Air to the Future
  • High Time in the Rockies
  • Flying to Sedona—Surrounded by Beauty
  • Bluegrass Region—An Odds On Favorite
  • Flying to the Outer Banks, NC—Where flight began and fun never ends
  • Black Hills, South Dakota—Badlands and Good Touring
  • Flying to Civil War Battlefields
  • Flying to Lake Havasu
  • Flying to Key Largo - A Classic for Movie and Underwater Enthusiasts
  • Flying to Pigeon Forge and the Great Smokies
  • Historic Triangle of Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown

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Accident Reports

  • Cessna 210
  • Kitfox
  • Beech G35
  • Accident Report - Multiple Causes Contribute to Crash
  • Accident Report - Crosswind and Trees Make Bad Mix
  • Excessive Airspeed Contributes to Damage
  • Breezy
  • Piper PA-18-150
  • Cessna 172
  • Mooney M20S
  • Mooney M20S
  • Accident Info - Cessna to 172
  • Cessna 180A
  • Beech K35
  • Mooney M20J
  • Piper PA-46T

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  • Affordable "Glass Cockpit"
  • Aircraft Loan Considerations

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Association News

  • Upgrade Your IFA Membership and Receive Two Gifts
  • New Look for—Access Your Online Member Account
  • Don’t Get Soaked When It Comes to Water Damage
  • Aviation Accident Reports Available on IFA Website
  • Don’t Let It Happen to You: Identity Theft
  • IFA Travel Insurance - Just in Case
  • Up in the Air Over Financing?
  • Do You Have All the Auto Coverage You Think You Have?
  • New Personal Property and Liability Insurance Program for IFA Members
  • Exciting Headset Offer for IFA Members
  • Save Money With the IFA Insurance Program
  • Don’t Pay Full Price for Admission at Theme Parks and Zoos
  • Travel Discounts Save You Money
  • IFA Travel Insurance: What You Should Always Carry When Traveling
  • IFA Medical Information Helpful Resource
  • Save Money With the IFA Financing Program
  • RV Financing Available to IFA Members
  • Where to Fly Next?
  • Save Money With the IFA Aircraft and RV Finance Programs
  • IFA Air Show Calendar Given New Look
  • Group Travel Made Easy
  • Safety Tips From Master CFI’s
  • IFA Website Helpful Resource
  • Great Holiday Gift Ideas From IFA
  • IFA Aviation Apparel
  • Spring Preparations
  • New IFA Member Benefit – RV Loan Financing Available
  • Summer Dreaming - Start Planning Now
  • Explore Popular Cities at a Discount
  • Winter Discounts for IFA Members

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Aviation Quizzes

  • Airport Call Letters
  • Aviation Firsts (I)
  • First, Biggest, Best (I)
  • Facets of Flight
  • Bi-ennial Flight Review
  • Aircraft Names
  • The Experts Speak
  • Other Miscellaneous Pilot Quizzes

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