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A Publication for I Fly America Members
   Volume 171
April  2020

A List at Long Last - Prescription Medications

Source: FAA Safety Briefing Jan/Feb 2020
By: Michael Berry, M.D. Federal Air Surgeon

Probably the most consistent question I get when talking to airmen is, “Why isn’t there a list of approved medications from the FAA?” The answer was always that the request was actually far more difficult than most people understood. Having an approved list means having one not only for you, but also for every other pilot across all classes of medical certification as well as alternative qualifications. But that has changed.

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IFA Travel Access Discounts

Get deep discounts on travel that aren’t available to the public. IFA’s Travel Access Program serves up deeper discounts on hotels, car rentals, flights, cruises and activities all over the world. Most of our travel deals are not available to the public, which means rates are much lower than what the average consumer can find online. Once you register (for free!), you’ll get instant access to thousands of travel deals that allow you to experience a lot more with your budget.

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You May Be Paying Too Much for Aircraft Insurance

The aviation insurance market is changing. Are you prepared?

For the last decade, insurance premiums have been at an all-time low due to carrier competition. Aviation underwriters were all competing for the same group of business and the way to win the account was to provide the lowest rate. With these lower rates, however, the aviation industry suffered, and costs of losses increased. As with any business, the rates had to increase in order to maintain a viable marketplace.

IFA’s Insurance Program provider is Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) - an aviation insurance broker where every agent is a licensed pilot. Their piloting experience combined with being appointed with every major aviation insurance carrier provides their customers with comfort knowing they are purchasing the broadest package of coverage at the best available rate. AIR goes the extra mile in the hardening market to provide you with the best aircraft insurance solution for you.

Save time and money with just one call to an IFA Aviation Insurance Program pilot and insurance professional. Request an online quote or call 301-682-6200 and find out how much you can save!

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Up in the Air Over Financing?

Looking for affordable and competitive financing for your aircraft? The IFA Aircraft Finance Program provides financing and refinancing for new and used aircraft from $60,000 to over $10 million in value and now offers a greater variety of terms across the broad scope of aviation to help members get into their aircraft of choice:

  • Rates among the most competitive in the country;
  • Terms up to 20 years available depending upon aircraft age and use;
  • Quick quote and loan turnaround – it’s fast and easy to finance your aircraft with IFA’s Aircraft Finance Program;
  • Pre-approval allows you to go ahead and actively shop for your aircraft;
  • Refinance your current rate at a low fixed rate; and
  • Finance upgrades, engine overhaul, aircraft improvements.

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IFR Weather; VFR Flying

Aircraft: Piper PA-23-160
Where: Columbus, GA
Injuries: 1 Serious, 1 Minor, 1 Uninjured
Phase of Flight: Landing

The private pilot was on a visual flight rules cross-country flight when he began encountering instrument conditions. The pilot continued into the instrument conditions for about 30 minutes before asking Atlanta Approach Control for directions to the nearest airport for landing. The controller directed the pilot to two different nearby airports but both were below minimums.

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