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FAA Forms and Publications

FAA Forms

Click on any of the forms below and you will be connected to it on the FAA web site.

FAA Publications

Students or instructors will find the following FAA publications helpful. Electronic copies of these publications can be found and ordered at the U.S. Government Printing Office - www.gpo.gov. Click here for mail, fax, and phone ordering information. Please check with the Government Printing Office for the latest price for each publication.

  • Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge - FAA-H-8083-25A, dated 2009 (SN 050-007-01379-5) Cost $57.00 domestic, $79.80 international. Introduces basic pilot skills and knowledge essential for piloting airplanes.
  • Aviation Instructor's Handbook - FAA-H-8083-9A , dated 2008 (SN 050-011-00081-0) Cost: $35.00 domestic, $49.00 international. Intended for flight instructors, ground instructors, and aircraft maintenance instructors. Provides information on learning and teaching and relates this information to the task of conveying aeronautical knowledge and skills to students.
  • Instrument Flying Handbook - FAA-H-8083-15A, dated 2008 (SN 050-007-01373-6) Cost: $59.00 domestic, $82.60 international. Designed for use by instrument flight instructors and pilots preparing for instrument rating tests.


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