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IFA Aircraft Finance and Refinance Program

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Call toll free to speak with a loan officer at 800-920-5190

IFA's Aircraft Finance and Refinance Program is fast, easy and simple. We offer nationwide financing and refinancing for new and used aircraft, from single engine pistons to twins and light jets, including Light Sport Aircraft, from $60,000 up to $10 million in value.

How to Apply for Financing

After submitting a request for quote (click here to access quote form), AirFleet will provide a quote within 1-2 business days for your consideration.  Along with the quote, AirFleet will provide you with a copy of the application.  Click here for further information on the Application and Loan Closing process.

Refinancing Available, too!

There has never been a better time to refinance your aircraft and upgrade your avionics panel or engine. Consider the benefits of upgrading your aircraft loan at today's lower rates.  Click here for more information on refinancing.

Select Rates from a Trusted Provider

IFA has partnered with AirFleet Capital, a leading aircraft financing company. AirFleet specializes in financing and refinancing for general aviation and business aircraft nationwide. Its principals and loan officers are aviators with a strong background in the aviation and the finance industry. They will respond to your quote within one business day, offering the most competitive rates and terms you'll find today. Click here to learn more about AirFleet. Click here to receive a no obligation quote.


Click here to review answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

Three Things You Need to Know About the Aircraft Loan Market Today

Bonus Depreciation - At a Glance

Want to learn more about the finance process? Click here

Financing Aircraft Improvements

Get a Free IFA Membership Just for Requesting a Quote

What could be easier? Just request a quote on aircraft financing through IFA's Aircraft Financing and Refinancing Program and you'll automatically receive a complimentary one-year membership in IFA. (Note: You must provide a valid email address so your membership information can be emailed to you.) Plus you'll get all of the benefits aviators enjoy as complimentary members of IFA*.

Already an IFA member? We'll gladly extend your membership for an additional year just for requesting an aircraft finance or refinance quote. If you call for a quote, contact IFA at with your name, address and email address so we can process your free or extended membership. If you get your quote online, you don't need to do anything - we'll process your membership and email you the information.

Since your membership is an online membership, we communicate with you via email. The primary communications are through our member newsletters. Occasionally, we will send you a separate email communication, but please be assured that we are sensitive to your time and will not bombard you with email communications. Note that IFA will not sell your email address and personal contact information to third parties.

However, if you do not wish to receive our email communications, you can easily opt out by clicking on the opt-out link we'll provide you when we email you your membership materials. Simply click on the Member Communications Opt-Out Request link in the Member Welcome Message. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at or 614-497-4088 .

Thank you and remember, each time you use your member benefits, you are helping IFA with its mission to promote flying safety, affordability, growth, and fun! Welcome aboard to IFA and safe and fun flying to you!

Request a Quote

*IFA complimentary memberships receive all of the benefits of a dues-paying IFA member except for the annual subscription to FLYING Magazine. To learn how you can also receive the FLYING magazine, click here.


Aircraft Insurance

Aircraft insurance is available through the IFA Aircraft Insurance Program
Click here


RV financing is available through the IFA RV finance program
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