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Working With Your AME

Featuring Bob Martens

Subscriber question:

"I need to find a new AME as my previous doctor retired. I have a few medical issues and I'm concerned that the new examiner might not be as willing to work with me. Any advice?" - Ed Q.



"I cannot over emphasize just how important this choice is. We absolutely should seek out and find the very best Aviation Medical Examiner in our area and establish a rapport with them. It can save your life.

I know many a pilot whose only goal is to get out of the AME's office as quickly as possible with the certificate in hand. They are deathly afraid that if they ever fess up to the Doc with any issues that affect them, their flying days are over. Remember, it is not the Medical Examiner's goal to keep you on the ground. They are partners with you in the National Aviation Safety System.

If your medical examiner is not working with you to keep you flying (serious conditions notwithstanding), you have the wrong medical examiner.

I'll be the first to admit that filling out government forms is NEVER easy, but if you come to a question on your medical application that confuses you, discuss it first with your AME before completing the form.

Remember that our aviation medical system is a self-grounding system. If your medical condition changes between examinations, dialogue with your AME to ensure you are still fit to fly. You will not be comfortable doing that unless you have developed a rapport with your AME.

You are absolutely wasting your time and money if you do not use your time with your AME to maximize the experience. Take some time to find the right Aviation Medical Examiner. There are some real good ones out there!"

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