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IFA Aircraft Refinancing Program

There has never been a better time to refinance your current aircraft loan and upgrade your avionics panel or engine. Consider the benefits of upgrading your aircraft loan at today's lower rates:

1. Owning an aircraft has never been this affordable. 

Interest rates now may be considerably lower than that on your current loan. If you purchased and financed your loan three or more years ago, rates may have decreased. Refinancing at the lower principal balance, with a lower interest rate, could significantly decrease your monthly payment.

2. Now may be the time to refinance your balloon payment.

If your loan has a balloon payment due this year or in the next few years, now may be the time to get into a long-term, fixed rate loan. You can lower your monthly payment while having the peace of mind that you will not need to upgrade your loan.

3. Thinking about upgrades to your aircraft?

Clients who typically pay cash for their aircraft upgrades reduce their liquidity position, or take a loss by liquidating a portion of their financial portfolio. Financing retains liquidity and can keep an individual in their investments while the stock market rebounds over the next few years.

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