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Avoid Midair Collisions Through Proper Flight Planning and Flight Safety

The goal of is to eliminate midair collisions and reduce close calls by promoting information exchange between civilian pilots and the military flight safety community. The website allows users to find and link to all existing military Mid-Air Collision Avoidance (MACA) programs in a single web site, while also enjoying new access to information from bases that did not previously have web-based content.

The website is targeting two user groups. The first group is GA Pilots, who are encouraged to include as part of their flight planning. From weather to NOTAMs to flight planning, pilots in general and civilian pilots in particular, use the Internet to get their most important flight safety information. As important as the weather, knowing where the military operational flying areas are, and how to avoid that airspace is crucial to a safe flight. Unexpected turbulence, icing, terrain obscured by fog, or a jet flying low at 500 knots; each one is just as deadly to the GA pilot if not planned for prior to takeoff.

The second group targeted are the military safety officers at all military bases.

The interface is simple to use with point-and-click interaction, predominately using Google maps and graphics for ease of use and is designed to include the MACA programs of all DoD aviation installations in the CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico.

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