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Using All Resources

Source:, Featuring Wally Moran


"Well Wally, we’re safely airborne and getting ready to either cruise on a cross country or even go out on a local flight, what are some of the big picture things that will help us to operate smoothly, efficiently and professionally?"


"Bob, I think good airmanship means utilizing all your resources. Therefore, I certainly encourage everyone to follow a flight plan, utilize Flight Following any time you can. There are resources for us to use to keep us safer, and to not use them in my mind is wasting the resource.

Often people want to know how high they should fly on cross countries. I prefer the higher the better, frankly. It’s generally cooler up there. It’s generally smoother and if you have problems you most often have more options by flying higher."


"Wally just by way of expanding upon utilization of resources - and boy, I couldn’t agree with you more - altitude is a resource."




"Think about yourself in a cruise situation. An extra 500 feet, an extra 1,000 feet, an extra 2,000 feet can give you as much as three to four additional minutes before you’re touching down on an emergency landing. An additional 2,000 or 3,000 feet may get you into an airport or get you into a better field than the one that is directly below you when you’re cruising at 1,500 or 2,000 feet. I, too, recommend flying as high as possible giving yourself better lines of communication even - better navigation. All of these are going to be enhanced as you use the altitude as a resource…so some great additional benefits to doing just that."


"I agree. You get more options and it doesn’t cost you a thing."

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