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Staying Sharp on Emergency Procedures

Source:, Featuring Bob Martens

Subscriber Question:

"What's the best way for a GA pilot to stay current on the emergency procedures for his or her aircraft?" - Vince M.

Bob Martens:

"I'll share with you how we did it in the Air Force. Every day before we began our flying sorties, we'd have an oral emergency procedures quiz. An incorrect answer meant no flying that day! To avoid great embarrassment AND most importantly be ready for any emergency, it takes constant preparation and review.

Because we so seldom see real emergencies, we need a way to keep current on them. Make note cards for yourself and pull them out when you have a few moments. Essentially they are like the flash cards we used in grammar school. We pilots inevitably have a lot of sitting around time. This is a great way to use it to your advantage.

For instance, write down procedures for...Engine Fire in Flight...Engine Fire on Start...Engine Failure On Takeoff, etc. Write down your critical action items and airspeeds and review them often. In an emergency you'll be real glad you did!"

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