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Upgrade Your IFA Membership, Save 20% and Receive a Digital FLYING Magazine Subscription

Upgrade for $21As a complimentary member of I Fly America (IFA), you
have the opportunity to upgrade your membership at a
20% savings and increase your benefits to include:

A digital 12-Month Subscription to FLYING Magazine (A $14 Value!) - As a paid member of IFA, you're entitled to a digital subscription to FLYING Magazine, the premier magazine for aviators. Each month you’ll hear from the world’s best aviation writers on the latest aircraft, find guidelines on aviation safety, receive insider tips on aircraft maintenance and pilot training, all while you enjoy beautiful aviation photography and history.

You get a year's digital subscription to FLYING Magazine included when you upgrade for only $12 - that's 20% off the normal membership fee.

Why pay other aviation associations $40 - $69 for similar benefits when you can just pay $12?

And, it all comes with our 100% Money Back Guarantee!


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Continue To Enjoy the Benefits You Love Without Interruption

In addition to your new benefits, upgrading ensures you'll be able to continue enjoying your favorite benefits for another full year including the ever popular:

  • Shipping Discounts on Aviation Products from Gulf Coast Avionics – Receive special shipping discounts on aviation products purchased from Gulf Coast Avionics whether purchased online, by phone, or by catalog.
  • 20% Hobie Sunglasses Discount - IFA members receive a 20% discount off retail prices of a wide range of Hobie Sunglasses. This discount can only be accessed through IFA's website.
  • The IFA Wings Over America® - Quick-to-read newsletter filled with up to the minute aviation news, safety information, flying destinations and tips on flying - plus latest updates on your member benefits.
  • IFA Aviation Insurance and Aircraft Loan Programs - You get the best rates, coverage, and terms when you choose aircraft insurance or financing from the IFA Aviation Insurance and Finance Programs. IFA’s insurance and finance providers are two of the best in the business and offer competitive, affordable rates to IFA members for most aircraft and insurance risks.


  • Free American Flyer®
  • Aviation Medical Info
  • Flight Training Resources
  • Air Show Calendar
  • Flying Destinations
  • Accident Reports
  • Auto Insurance Discounts
  • Other Important Financial Services
  • Travel Discounts Including Auto Rentals, Lodging & Theme Parks
  • Magazine Discounts
  • Movie and Ski Discounts
  • and much, much more!

Plus our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Click here to read the entire list of benefits available through IFA.

Upgrade for $21Working together to improve the safety, affordability, growth and fun of flying is the primary purpose of I Fly America. We bring you the most up-to-date information and emerging trends in general aviation.

When we couple that with all the incredible benefits listed above (and more!) you simply can't lose. Upgrading is an exceptional value for only $12, and for a whole lot less than the $40 - $69 you'll pay with other aviation associations. Upgrade today so you won't miss a thing and don't forget about our 100% Money Back Guarantee!


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