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Please fill out this form to request a FREE Bluebook valuation through IFA's Aircraft Insurance Program. (Only available to aircraft registered in the U.S.)

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There are two publications that report "book values" for aircraft. One is Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest, and the other is Vref Publishing. We routinely refer to these books for general pricing information, as well as other very useful information contained within. However, these books do not provide an acceptable alternative to a certified appraisal, for a number of reasons. Even the publications themselves state clearly that they are intended only as a guide, and are not to be considered to reflect all factors in the appraisal process. Books are printed quarterly, and are updated on sales information willingly provided by outside sources. The lag time between market sales reports and the book publication can be as long as 6 months. In addition, a book cannot determine the effect on value of damage history. Nor can it adjust to rapidly changing market conditions.

Aircraft Financing & Refinancing

Aircraft financing and refinancing is available through the IFA Aircraft Finance Program. Check rates and get a free no-obligation quote today.

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