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Welcome to I Fly America

If you have a love of flying and aviation, the I Fly America website has a lot to offer you. Members and non-members alike find tremendous value at the IFA website. Whether you are currently a member or a visitor exploring the site for the first time, you'll benefit from exceptional offers, including affordable aviation insurance, aircraft financing and most anything to do with aircraft and flying.



Since 2002, I Fly America (IFA) has not only offered tremendous benefits and valuable discounts to members and non-members, we have also worked to promote flying safety, affordability, growth and fun.

Impressive Benefits for Non-Members and Members

IFA has created an impressive list of benefits that pilots, aircraft owners, renters, flying club members, and aviation enthusiasts alike will appreciate. In fact, even those who aren't members and don't own an aircraft, as well as those who are in between aircraft, find themselves drawn to IFA because of the exceptional offers and extensive list of benefits.

Thousands of pilots and aviation enthusiasts across the United States are members of I Fly America. For just $15, you, too, can join their ranks and take advantage of IFA's exceptional benefits and services.

You've never received so much for just $15. 

You can even get a 1-year membership FREE just by using select programs offered by I Fly America.


From affordable aviation insurance and aircraft financing to getting the most effective tips on flying and aircraft, you'll find it all at I Fly America. Join Today!

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