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Pilot Quiz - Facets of Flight

1. Based on the official data from 2005, what percentage of general aviation flight hours are flown for pleasure?

a. 14%
b. 34%
c. 67%

2. How many aircraft do the US airlines operate?

a. 14,512
b. 7,226
c. 11,104

3. What is the oldest aviation organization in the US?

a. National Aeronautic Association
b. Experimental Aircraft Association
c. Stick and Rudder Club

4. What percentage of pilots pass their tests for a private pilot's certificate?

a. 83.71%
b. 98.3%
c. 92.59%

5. What is the altitude record for open class single place gliders?

a. 22,407 feet
b. 49,004 feet
c. 19,984 feet

6. The US Army's first female pilot was graduated from the US Army Aviation Center in what year?

a. 1974
b. 1961
c. 1989

7. Federal airways extending from 1,200 feet to, but not including 18,000 feet MSL, unless otherwise specified are what class airspace?

a. B
b. D
c. E

8. The first coast-to-coast flight in under a day was made by whom?

a. Lt. Jimmy Doolittle in 1922
b. General Billy Mitchell in 1919
c. Charles Lindbergh in 1924

9. In WW II, a US pilot flying an F4F Wildcat shot down five twin-engine Japanese bombers within five minutes. What airport was named after him?

a. Gen. Richard Ellsworth (Ellsworth Air Force Base)
b. Gen. Billy Mitchell (Mitchell Field Milwaukee)
c. Lt. Edward O'Hare (O'Hare Field Chicago)

10. The first time the FAA retired an aircraft registration number never to be used on another aircraft was in1988. That N number was on the airplane flown by whom?

a. Amelia Earhart
b. Charles Lindbergh
c. Wiley Post


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