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IFA Travel Health Information

Not only are IFA members aviation enthusiasts, but they’re travelers, too, and have questions and concerns about staying healthy while traveling. So, IFA has put together information and resources to ease its members’ travels. Join today for only $15 and you, too, can access this valuable and useful info, plus enjoy all of the IFA Member Benefits. And every time you use them, you’ll not only benefit personally, you’ll help support IFA’s mission to promote flying safety, affordability, growth, and fun.

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IFA’s Travel Health Information includes resources that IFA members can use to help ensure healthy travel. For example, info is available:

  • about vaccination requirements and health conditions in foreign countries;
  • info on travel medicine;
  • numerous articles on travel health issues like altitude illness, motion sickness, jet-lag, immunizations, blood circulation and others;
  • resources for health conditions worldwide;
  • and in-depth information on health insurance while traveling.

IFA Travel Insurance Program offers members a suite of travel insurance products designed to ease the hassles of travel including those you encounter when faced with a health issue - whether in the U.S. or abroad. Free, instant quotes are available. Click here for more information.

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